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Message from Pat Price

Available today, Shop Talk's archived posts will be available on the Hardwood Floors Magazine site:


The archives will be searchable but you will not be able to comment on them. HF has also updated their Forum so that you can by-pass the consumer questions and go directly to the Pro-to-Pro Forum....where you will find the link to Floormaster's Shop Talk. http://www.hardwoodfloorsmag.com/forum/

For Sale: The domain name "Floormasters.com" is now officially for sale. Anyone interested may email info@floormasters.com to place a bid. The domain will be posted on bidding websites as well.

Thank you for your loyal support of Bill and Floormasters. Bill loved the industry and shared his knowledge freely. You followed his example and life for the contractors on this site was greatly improved. We recognize that our loss is also your loss. Please pass on what you've learned because of Bill and this site. He would be so proud of all of you.

The Price Family

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