Boise Dustless Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Perfect Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Make your old floors shine again. Don't get sold terrible finish and bad sanding techniques - these make for a terrible hardwood floor refinish. Floor Masters uses the best products and sands the floor to a higher quality for every Boise hardwood floor refinish. We sell beauty, quality & perfection - not fast & cheap.

Matt & Allan
personally sand

each floor and ensure a level of detail no else can offer in a wood floor refinish in Boise. Our prices reflect craftsmanship level quality that is expected and we deliver that quality on each and every job. The only way to give a client a high quality hardwood floor refinish is to take time on each step. Each step can not be rushed, so we don’t.

Expectations can be a moving target, that is why Floor Masters offers the best finishes, sanding techniques and highest maintained equipment on each and every job. Matt & Allan only offer the best Boise hardwood floor refinishing service.

Floor Masters strictly adheres to all NWFA floor refinishing guidelines. This allows our company to ensure the nicest, smoothest and best looking floor possible. Using properly maintained machines, best products & properly allotting time per job ensures you do not get a sub-par floor. By charging an appropriate amount per job we guarantee we wont cut corners. You will notice a difference, no other competitor takes as much time to give your Boise hardwood floor refinish the attention it deserves. If you want a hardwood floor refinish in Boise, Floormasters is the choice. Give Floor Masters a call today for your hardwood flooring refinish.

Flooring Finishes for Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Floor Masters uses the best finish on the market Sweedish. The Sweedish finish is the most durable & is time test for decades. Nothing else on the market compares to the finish we use. While most will not use this finish, we find it to be what customers want & need. We do not use oil-based products and call them amazing - simply put uncatalyzed products are not that great. If you are refinishing a hardwood floor, you want the best that will last.

Our catalyzed products are the best, you can't argue that.

Hardwood Flooor Refinishing

Hardwood is some of the most intricate parts of your household, yet it needs to stand up to the abuse of kids, shoes and day to day wear. Floor Masters sands the each hardwood floor to 150g on every floor no mater what wood, finish or stain is being worked on. Sanding this high ensures a scratch free floor that you will love and cherish for years to come. The difference in a well sanded floor is noticeable from the moment you walk into the house. Choose the best when it comes to hardwood floor refinishing – Floor Masters.

You can expect the following from a wood floor refinish

  • Minor and major scratches to be gone
  • Cracks to be filled
  • Dirt and germs 100% gone
  • Floor to feel smooth
  • A beautiful looking floor you and your friends will love
  • Process from start to finish to be 2-3 days

How you can expect from Allan & Matt:

  • On time
  • Respectful of your property
  • Be tidy during job work days
  • Understanding of any special needs you might have
  • Able to answer any questions
  • Sanding perfectly
  • Do a full walk-thru with you at end of the job
The Refinishing Process
  • The Bid
  • The Work
  • Walk-thru

Allan & Matt come to your home to do a consultation. It is imperative we are able to see the floor, the surroundings and what is to be expected/possible. Once the floor and areas are inspected we then sit down and figure out the expectations, wants & needs of the work to be done. We then send a bid out the following day with a proposal that reflects what we saw at your house.

Matt & Allan personal sand each and every floor. NO small detail goes unnoticed. The sanding is done to spec, the finish is applied with precision and the end product is nothing short of amazing.A hardwood floor that is quality is instantly noticed, to have a perfect floor takes times.

After the work is completed Matt & Allan like to do a full walk-thru of the job. Each floor is unique and it is always nice to enjoy the floor with our clients.

About the Flooring Tools

Floor Masters only uses the best of hardwood flooring refinish tools on the market. By using new, maintained flooring tools we are able to ensure a quality floor. Our tools offer smooth, flat & scratch free floors. Each machine is inspected at each job to make sure we are offering the best floor possible.

Dust is a big problem when sanding a hardwood floor. Allan & Matt use the Bona vacuum trailer to ensure the very best of dust collection. The Bona Trailer Vac is a 27 hp motor that has a huge turbine to generate the best suction possible for hardwood floor refinishing. This setup leaves your house with less dust and allows us to have a debris free floor.

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